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Mr. Dezhakam has written several books on treatment of drug addiction and human’s psyche. Some of the titles are:

These books have been translated into English and have recieved a warm reception internationally, specially in the United States where they have been posted on williamwhitepapers.com The great news is they will soon become available to worldwide audiences in the international section of Faces & Voices of Recovery, a prestigious web-site and a frontrunner in the field of recovery.
Congress60's Championship in the National Beach Rugby Competitions
Congress60' team won the Beach Rugby Championship.
Master Dezhakam's Speech in the Physicians' Legion
All in all, Congress60 believes that besides psyche and body, there is another element called worldview i.e. people’s thoughts and ideas which can be much effective not only in addiction treatment but in all aspects of life.
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When Mr. Dezhakam proposed his discovery [of addition treatment], many asked: "Where is your evidence?" The man modestly and gently lapsed into silence but, in response, thousands of people [who were treated via the DST method] declared: “WE ARE THE LIVING PROOFS!”
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s the previous weeks, on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, we witnessed the liberation of 165 male travelers, 7 female travelers from addiction. They came from different branches of Congress60 all over the country. They have been treated by DST method and officially entered the second journey by receiving liberation flower.
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D SAP is a cure for diseases that are difficult to treat or control. It is a protection against some diseases and it can save your body from getting them.
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We observed that a person came and said I had liver problems and I wanted to have liver-transplant, but after my addiction treatment with the DST [Dezhakam Step Time] method, it got well. Many other people with different diseases including leukemia and colitis came and said the same.
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I just reviewed our article on your website. I am so delighted, it is such an honor to co-write with you. You have chosen the image of article wisely since it shows the crowd, and the crowd indicates the power of the recovery within an NGO.
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Addiction Treatment is upper than withdrawal and balance is above treatment. The word "Justice" appears on Congress60 logo and in according to Congress60 trainings, to attain justice, we need knowledge in order to do the decencies.
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As master Dezhakam asserts border-guard’s position is a very difficult job and it is like walking on fire or a sword, because they have to deal with many types of people having different personalities and problems and these serving people have to enforce laws by love and affection.
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