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Addiction, treatment, and proper methods

I appreciate the monthly publication “companion” that brought about the needed criteria for opinions and views on Narcotics addiction. Reading a great article named “What is cure?” in the 13th issue of the companion journal which describes the ideas of the U.N office of fight against Narcotics and Crime, made me really happy. I studied it very carefully and it caused me to write my own view on curing addiction which I had put to test in congress60 and have received successful results. I believe to cure any kind of illness, first the illness has to be diagnosed and then proper treatments can begin. Of course in this article only the physical aspects of narcotics addiction are discussed.
Now we take a look at some diagnosis of experts in this field.

a) Drug Addiction is chronic poisoning
b) It is dependency on Medication or Narcotics

A) Drug addiction or Narcotics addiction is chronic poisoning:
Currently, there are 185 million addicts worldwide, according to a U.N statistical report. If this view that Addiction is chronic poisoning is a false view, which we say it is; then millions of addicts and thousands of doctors and experts are mislead. Therefore, who is responsible for this scientific mistake?

Narcotics addiction is not chronic poisoning. Why?

If the cause is poisoning then we are talking about a poison, therefore we recommend detoxification.
It has to be said that narcotics are not poisons at all.
For example Diacetylmorphine which is the medical name for Heroin; from one Kilogram of Morphine, 900 grams of Heroin is made. Every day in the medical field Morphine is used by doctors as a beneficial substance. Opium contains Morphine, Codeine, Papaverine and other substances, which are very useful in medicine. In Marijuana and Hashish there is a substance called THC which has been a very popular Medication for a longtime. We do accept that overdose of any of these substances could lead to poisoning or even death. (also Psychedelic pills; Painkillers, sleeping pills etc.). Poisoning is a relative matter and the following definition can define it:
Any external substance (in the form of Gas, Liquid and Solid) entering the body and causing an imbalance in the body or even death, can be defined as poison. Therefore when someone is bitten by a snake and is taken to hospital, the first step is to extract the poison out of the body since snake’s poison is deadly and has to be quickly extracted from the blood flow. This is called Detoxification. If a person, who is not an opium addict, consumes more than 1 gram of opium, he might die since it has a deadly effect on him and the poison has to be immediately extracted out of his body.
I am deeply surprised by this scientific mistake and the fact that how experts in the medical field don’t pay attention to this important fact.
Now I present some questions to furthermore clarify this misunderstanding.
First question: let’s assume a patient has been injecting Morphine (8 units) in the hospital for 2 years under medical supervision. Now the doctor in charge wants to discontinue the injections. What does the doctor do?
A) Does the doctor perform Detoxification? 
B) Does the doctor taper the morphine?

Second question: let’s imagine a person who has been using all kinds of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and other relaxants for 10 years. To stop his usage of these medicines due to an emergency situation, what should be done?
A) Detoxification
B) Tapering off the medication

Most probably you would answer that tapering the drug is the best solution. Because if detoxification takes place and the remainder of the drug is taken out of the patient’s system, it could damage the health or even cause death.
Third Question: A person has been using Heroin and opium for 20 years.
Now we want to discontinue his usage. What should be done?

a) Detoxification
b) Tapering off the narcotics

Surely you would say that opium and heroin are different from medication drugs and are considered as Narcotics. They are poisons and detoxification should be done. Also some medications must be prescribed so that after detoxification these drugs block the intake of heroin and opium in the body if the addict relapses. The experts insist that they have performed this method on mice and it was successful. Poor mice!!
It is necessary to mention at this point that our argument is a scientific discussion and is different from the society’s point of view or even the legal view. The discussion is about the human’s physiology.
Finally, my last question is this: isn’t it true that Heroin is the commercial name for Diacetylmorphine? And opium is the commercial name for drugs such as Morphine, Codeine, Narcotine, Narceine and Papaverine? And opium is a powerful Compound in all kinds of antidepressants and relaxants?
Therefore we are not just dealing with narcotics popular names and titles.
If enough attention was given to their medicinal names, the problem would have been solved much easier and a proper treatment would been administered.
Now another example is given to show that narcotics are not poisons.
A person who is not a drug user will die if he consumes more than 1 gram of opium.
Now another person who is addicted to opium and is consuming 10 grams  of opium daily , after eating that much opium only becomes normal and gains natural balance. If the doesn’t eat that amount he will be imbalanced, and there is a chance of death for him, therefore what kind of a poison is this? a deadly substance for one and a life giving substance for another?

If in the Medical field Morphine, diacetylmorphine, Narcotine, Narceine and Papaverine are considered as poisons, then we can say that Heroin and Opium are also poisons, and all these poison should be banned from the medical field. Because medications like cough medicine (syrup) and pills that contain Codeine or Morphine and Opium products are poisons that we humans consume knowingly.

"Knowledge that is gained through experience, is a perfect proof."

Everyone says and we say it too that there are many ways to cure addiction but the correct and right method is only one, and in order to reach that objective three important factors are necessary:
a) Starting point
b) Destination
c) Objective or aim

In order to treat any disease the above mentioned factors should be taken into consideration. For example a cancer patient: Starting point is diagnosis of the kind of cancer and its advancement, Destination is chemo-therapy or surgery and objective is to cure the cancer.
Maybe one would say that for a journey or an illness, the starting point or origin is not important and only destination matters. We would reply that if you are in an area on planet earth and have a map, compass and the necessary equipments, but you don’t know where you are, how can you arrive at your destination?
To cure an illness, how can we treat it, if we don’t know what the illness is? Therefore to cure any disease, we have to diagnose it first and determine at which stage the patient is and exactly which parts of the body are affected.
Now we ask this question:
How has an addict’s body or physiology been affected?
We don’t want to discuss the psychological aspects of it yet which are also very important.
Now we will study the original point “beginning, destination and objective” of all available methods of treatments currently existing.

A look at physiological methods of treatment of addiction
Starting point or diagnosis: the existence of some poison or Narcotic in the body
Destination: the extraction of the poison using different methods
Objective: Negative result from the urine test proving that the poison has been extracted.
Now I ask for a reasonable reply. Isn’t it true that medical science is based on experience and result? If constantly this method is failing, why is it still accepted as the only method? In my opinion the method of detoxification is based on false ideas and has failed completely. I think they would answer that Narcotics addiction has no cure.

Narcotics addiction is chronic substitution
This means external Narcotic substances, whether natural or chemical, even Alcohol have been substituted in the place of internal Narcotic like substances of the body. For example Narcotics like opium and Heroin have substituted natural substances of the body like Dynorphine which is 200 times more powerful than morphine, or Endorphin or Enkephaline (70 times more powerful). In general all the systems producing Natural narcotics in the body which can also be called Bio-chemical opiate system have been damaged after years of using external Narcotics or drugs. Therefore for successful treatment these natural systems in the body must be repaired and re-started.
Experience has shown that to rebuild these systems successfully, approximately 11 months is needed. Of course, with a correct method of treatment, as 95% of re-lapses and imbalances of addicts after detoxification is due to failures to rebuild these natural narcotics like producing systems of the body.
Thus the treatment process in our opinion is:
a)  Original point or diagnosis: determine the damage done on these natural systems
b)  Destination: rebuilding and rehabilitating the systems in 11 months
c)  Objective: eliminating the psychological and mental problems and reaching optimum balance and avoiding relaps and cravings.


Congress 60 other view points

Diagnosis of the illness:
When a person uses any kind of Narcotics or Medicinal Drugs on a daily basis (Heroin, Opium, Marijuana, Hashish, Antidepressants, Pain killers, Alcohol, Cocaine, Crystal Meth and etc.) and these substances disturb the natural balance of the body; that person has damaged the natural narcotic like producing system of the body(Opiate like system of the body).

The treatment process: (Destination)
The human body has a system that repairs itself as long as the right conditions are available, Of course until death. Therefore the best method is the tapering off or gradual reduction of the Narcotics. This is done in stages of 21 days and the used Narcotics are tapered off gradually; and sometimes Narcotics from the same family can substitute each other. For example for Heroin use, Opium can act as a substitution. After complete withdrawal from Heroin for 3 days, half a gram or one gram of Opium in two daily intakes could be consumed. For other Narcotics, the substitution method is as follows: Opium with opium; Alcohol with alcohol; Hashish with hashish; Cocaine with cocaine; all kinds of pills with Opium and Heroin with Opium. Opium can be used as a substitution for Crack and Crystal Meth too.
The duration of the treatment process for all addicts is the same 11 months.
Whether one has been using Narcotics for 20 years or 3 years, or half a gram or 20 grams daily, just like cultivation of wheat. If you sow little or a lot, the time of the harvest is the same, or the birth of an infant, it doesn’t matter if he is white or black, fat or thin, Asian or European, it requires nine months for the birth process.

Objective: Nothing else in this world can substitute Narcotics for an addict. Not money, Power, spouse, religion, or even God for that matter can be a substitution. The only substitution is the natural Opiate like substances of his own body. Because with rebuilding these Narcotic producing systems of the body, the drug abuser can enjoy his own body’s natural, healthy, cost-free Narcotics and most of his problems that we think are mental and psychological will disappear. 

Substituting the Drug: 
Since all the Narcotic like substances that the human body produces, have not been discovered, therefore the consumption of that Narcotic itself in the gradual tapering method could be the least harmful substitution. Calculated reduction will give the natural systems of the body the chance to rebuild themselves. Of course if in certain conditions, the society and law don’t permit this substitution then the use of a standard medicine like Methadone is recommended.
If Methadone is substituted for opium or Heroin, the first step is to determine the use of Methadone according to the Narcotic abuse and the frequency of usage during the day. It needs to be mentioned that it takes about one month for the natural systems of the body to accept the substitution. After that, tapering process in periods of 21 days should begin, so that in each stage the body produces the decreased dosage naturally. Consuming any other medications like sleeping pills, antidepressants and relaxants must be avoided since they prevent the rebuilding process of the body’s Narcotic like system and a new addiction to these medications might take place.

Addiction is dependency on medication: 
Some have this view that addiction is drug dependency. If this is true, then again it must be determined why the person must use this medication and which part of the body benefits from this drug. The scientific method of eliminating this addiction and its treatment protocol must be discovered.
In my view, there are 3 main factors involved in successful Treatment method.
a)  Body
b)  Psyche (mind)
c)  Spiritual or philosophical outlook on life: ((all that we perceive, feel, understand and receive from the whole Universe))

When a person uses any kind of Narcotics or medications on a daily basis for more than 3 years, he or she has damaged the bio-chemical opiate production system which produces Narcotic like substances naturally in the body. External narcotics have replaced internal narcotics of the body; as a result of this, when the external usage is discontinued or suddenly stopped, there would be reactions or symptoms which could be divided into two categories:
a) Visible symptoms
b) Invisible symptoms

A) Visible symptoms:
In the case of lack of Narcotics in the body (opiate family) sudden withdrawal, certain physical reactions appear in the body depending on the kind of Narcotics, frequency of usage and the amount used in each intake. These symptoms are:

• Frequent sneezing
• Insomnia
• Runny nose
• Bone ache, wrist, and muscle ache
• Excessive sweating
• Frequent yawning
• Diarrhea

If no medication is used to treat these symptoms, the immune system of the body naturally heals itself and move towards balance within two weeks, but some of them still continue.

Treatment for visible symptoms:
There are many methods of treating the visible reactions of withdrawal that are, in fact harmful to the body as they impact a shock on the narcotic producing system in the body and this damage could be permanent.
In other words external narcotics that have replaced the internal ones, act as a pillar in the balance of the addict. Sudden withdrawal means, the pillar support is taken away, and the collapse of the system follows.
We should repair the system slowly and gradually so that an internal pillar is ready to replace the external one.

A few methods are as follows:

1)    Using medication under a doctor’s supervision for a period of one or two weeks
2)    Using acupuncture along with medication
3)    Decreasing the Narcotics consumption in one or two weeks
4)    Violent method like confinement by force, physical punishment or chaining one to a bed
5)      Detoxification which is very harmful
6)    Cold turkey or sudden withdrawal
7)    Sports treatment, Music therapy, Magic therapy, Spirit therapy…

Apparently all the above mentioned methods are effective to treat the physical symptoms, because if a urine test is conducted, the result would be negative. This means no trace of Narcotics can be found in the addict’s urine, leading to a false assumption that the physical treatment or healing process has been accomplished, and the addict’s other major issues such as psychological, mental and behavioral problems must be tackled. For example since the person doesn’t have diarrhea any more, it mean he has been cured and he no longer has any other physical problems!!? I’m surprised by this much misunderstanding and misconception of the experts in this field.

B) Invisible symptoms:
This phase or stage is the most sensitive and crucial part of the healing process and has been constantly ignored by the specialists and experts. They have not been paying attention to this important factor and don’t know how long this process takes. Of course the reactions or symptoms in this phase also existed in the first stage but less attention was given to them. For example someone who is having diarrhea and stomach pain, and is constantly going to the bathroom, doesn’t notice his depression.

These invisible symptoms include:
1)    Depression
2)    Hopelessness
3)    Isolation
4)    Indifference or lack of motivation in life
5)    Impatience or lack of tolerance
6)    Excessive Exhaustion
7)    Insomnia
8)    Laziness
9)    Forgetfulness
10)   Abnormal crying
11)   Awaking of sexual desires
12)   Premature ejaculation


An important point:
The above mention symptoms do not have psychological roots in the early stages: where as the majority of the specialists diagnose these problems as psychological and attempt to treat them by talk therapy or using group therapy. However these disorders are caused by the deterioration of the body’s anti-pain system and Opiate like production system’s lack of producing the vital substances needed for proper functioning of the body. The treatment should be done in a way that all these systems gradually restart their production and all those sleeping, anti-depressant’s pills that are supposed to help the patient, only damage these Morphine like system deeper and deeper. In other words by pouring water into a dry spring, you can’t get the spring to start flowing again, and a prop solution must be found. These days we come across many Narcotic addicts that are consuming all kinds of pills along with their own drugs because they had attempted to quit their addiction by these drugs and relapsed back into addiction with more substance abuse. Some of them consume up to 400 pills a day which is very hard to imagine.
According to our experience to repair and rebuild this opiate like system of the body and to achieve 90% of a successful recovery we must follow a proper guideline in a period of 11 months. Having a balanced physiology, a balanced mentality is achieved also and only leaves the spiritual outlook on life which must be revived by attending group therapy classes every week. It needs to be mentioned that if this spiritual view is not recreated, then re-laps back into addiction is almost certain.


Treatment or curing the invisible symptoms:
Treatment at this stage is using one method but with two kinds of substitution:
a) Substitution using a standard medication
b) Using the narcotic itself

Using the Narcotics itself:
For this method, first the daily dosage and number of daily intakes must be determined within a week. There is no need to reduce the initial amount in the beginning because it will imbalance the person and causes more problems at the start of the journey. This gradual tapering will do the reduction very quickly anyways. Tapering stages must be every 21days or every 3 weeks .In the first week a little discomfort is felt, in the second week conditions become normal, and in the third week once again intoxication happens, and the person is ready for the next tapering.
In the duration of the journey, problems like lack of sleep, agitation and depression can appear, but we must remember that these are very minor problems and patience is needed. The body can make up for the Narcotic reduction very quickly and even some health condition such as Hepatitis, indigestion, chronic depression and irregular heart beat of some patients are cured after 11 months journey. The use of medications such as sleeping pills, anti depressants and relaxants can prevent a successful recovery.

Reduction amount:
Overall the reduction or tapering at each stage must be 20% of the total amount used at that stage, and if the number of daily intakes is more than one, then it’s recommended that within 51/2 months only one intake per day be consumed.

Attention: outside of legal issues, I have experienced this knowledge that there isn’t any Drug or Narcotic as powerful, beneficial, complete, safe and healing as opium in the world. Since it is a compound of 25 useful Alkaloids, it is the best replacement for Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, Crystal Meth and other pills.
God hasn’t created a better drug than Opium and if he has, I am not aware of any.

Written by: Hossein Dezhakam
Translated by: Saeed Moeini