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Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill, April 23, 2024)

Communications of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill, April 23, 2024)

April 23, 2024

Dear Bill,

I hope you're doing well, I'm doing well too. The work is going well, and the Eid and Ramadan celebrations went well. The tree-planting ceremony is still ongoing in some cities due to weather conditions. I'm currently planning for the exam questions, although designing and selecting questions is a slow process.

The questions will be divided into two sections: technical and worldview. The technical questions will relate to the treatment of various drugs and alcohol. The amount of OT consumed must be specified three times a day and determined using the DST method for each type of substance.

I'm happy to hear that you're continuing your research. I think it's possible that you could collaborate with friends like Dr. Mark Galanter on the DST method and members of Congress 60. Although we are conducting research on addiction treatment, and considering that the research is at the cellular and molecular levels, the result can provide answers to most of the questions related to addiction.

However, despite this, research from various groups and experts in the field of addiction in the US or other countries can still have a positive effect on completing our research. Fortunately, you and I have had the experience of conducting research on nicotine treatment, which was a joint study between two countries.

The important point is that we currently have 16,000 individuals on our OT project. All of these individuals are using the DST method. In other words, our congress 60 is now like a continent that has been newly discovered, which can provide a new and suitable ground for discovering new things.

Fortunately, with the advancement of science and rapid and easy communication, the borders between countries have been removed, and there is no obstacle to conducting joint research.

However, regarding the DST method and how the individual receives their medication for a week, sometimes two or three weeks, this was a problem that existed in the early days when OT was distributed by medical centers, and I faced this issue.

I told experts that this medication or any other medication should be taken three times a day, with an 8-hour interval between each dose. But they said that the individual cannot visit the clinic three times a day to take the medication. I responded by saying that it is not necessary to visit the clinic three times a day; we should give the medication to the individual for a week and let them manage their consumption at home.

They laughed at me and said that an addict would consume all the medication at once or sell it. I replied that what you are saying is based on an assumption; we should educate individuals and then trust them. Maybe a few will not comply, but maybe most will behave correctly.

In the end, they agreed and from that day on, most, if not all, addiction treatment centers in Iran were giving OT or methadone to patients at least once a week to take home and nothing terrible happened.

Now, American clinics can also try this approach. First, give the patient's medication for two days, and if it works, add more days.

In my opinion, giving medication daily is not a good idea, and it wastes the energy of the clinic staff and the drug addict. We should educate the patient and then trust them.

Unfortunately, because the medical system in my opinion does not understand the physiological approach to addiction treatment, this has become an excuse to blame all failures and lack of success in treatment on the addicted individual. For example, the addicted individual is not trustworthy, and if we or the medical system do our job correctly, all of them will do what congress 60 and I have done.

In any case, the medical system still refuses to accept this issue, but I will soon clarify the futility and incorrectness of all treatment methods through cellular and molecular experiments and research. With your help, the correct treatment method will be proven.

The rest of the research is still ongoing. We are reviewing the data and waiting for the articles to be published. I have been selected as the keynote speaker at the immunology conference in Chicago, Illinois, from May 3rd to 7th, and I will have 25 minutes to deliver my speech. Dr. Arvin will also be with me, taking on the role of translator and providing epigenetic explanations.

I'm thrilled that you were one of the first people I shared the X System with. Now, we're witnessing how valuable the X theory has become, not only for addiction but also for treating other incurable diseases in the future.

I'm grateful that you enjoyed the Shani videos and found them interesting. Shani and I are thrilled and thank you for your kindness, as your words have motivated Shani to create multiple animations. Additionally, we are currently subtitling my speech in English for online use.

Extend my greetings to Mrs. Rita.

Be immortal as the green of the valleys.


Zolazepam and fentanyl have not gained much popularity among the general public and are more likely to be misused by some medical staff or medical students in hospitals.

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