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The play "A window to the heaven", a new language for philosophical issues

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Shakespeare says: “The world is nothing but a theatrical stage where we humans are actors.”

 The play “A window to the heavens”, a new language for philosophical issues.

We need to seek for discovering the type of relationships among the characters of a play. Meanwhile, Amir Karbalaeizadeh is one of the best individuals to play different roles. Amir Dezhakam, the director of “A Window to the Heavens”, selected him as the first actor to play the role of 4 men and 2 women. His brilliant performance in comedy genre has made him special. 

Knowing his audience well, he uses improvisations to give them some codes by which the audience can solve the puzzle and make the play complete. Humans enjoy discovering whereas they don’t enjoy easily achieving things. The play has arranged important philosophical subjects and the audience’s minds receive such conditions very well.

This play has been written by Hossein Dezhakam in the comedy genre and has 4 personages to better understanding the created characters.

What you will read is an interview with Amir Karbalaei zadeh, one of the actors of the play “A Window to the heaven”, about the roles he plays, the atmosphere of the play, its purpose, and so on.


  • You have been selected as the first actor of the play; do you think it’s because of being a stand-up comedian or for another reason?

I have been cooperating with Mr. Amir Dezhakam as one of the actors in his works for more than 10 years. Therefore, selecting me as one of the actors in the play was not unexpected, on the other hand, my sense of humor may have been taken into consideration. 

  • You’ve become famous for your comic roles; as this play indicates a philosophical issue, how did you match up to this genre and how do you play this role?

Since the philosophical atmosphere in the play has been combined with a comic view, it corresponds with my inner devilish acts, so I can play the role easily.

  • You have acted in the play as 4 men and 2 women; will you tell us about the roles?

It is too difficult to play several roles in a play. The audience can see one human framework while you must create 6 types of roles in a short way from your audience. It is too difficult to get to the personality of the characters. As I had already played two roles when cooperating with Mr. Amir Dezhakam, and also I had two or three roles in other plays, I was ready to accept more roles to play; however, this is the first time in my carrier that I have 6 roles in a play. 



  • Somewhere you have talked about happiness as: “Happiness comes to existence when one feels the presence of God in one’s life”; what is your opinion about this play? Do you see the relationship of God with being philosophical and happy in this play, too?

Yes, one hundred percent. The art of play is a mirror in front of humans, and takes them away from society’s tumult and leads to a target and challenge. I fact, having a philosophical and mystical view, the play tries to make the audience familiar with the real basis of philosophical and mystical teachings in ordinary life. It also makes attempts to indicate how much these elements can be mixed with real life, and how they should be useful in life. I think when the audience laughs wisely, it is the same thing you talked about.

  • Has the play been able to express its purpose in a comedy genre well? What you mentioned means using philosophy correctly in daily life. Has the subject been able to be shown in one hour?

The main judge is the audience. It is they who state if the play could have been able to make a challenge in their mind. I cannot give any ideas because every cook praises his broth! 

  • Your philosophy of life has been based on your father’s word: “Don’t bury me, but remember me.” How much is learning this effective in people’s lives? 

It is one hundred effective in everyone’s life. People have useful lives if they leave a trace of themselves and have a suitable position not necessarily in the world and in the country, but in their family or for the next generations.

  • In your opinion, is a play a proper way to express deep philosophies and their right transfer to others in order for them to understand, learn and live?

Views are transferred in many ways, but a play is one of the best media to transfer a message. Shakespeare says: “The world is nothing but a theatrical stage where we humans are actors.” Most of us are playing roles in our daily lives. Sometimes we have the role of a mother and sometimes a sister, a friend, a student, a master. The way we play a role beside our students is not the same as the way we act beside our mother or child. We play different roles in the life stage. Definitely when someone watches a play, they feel it close to their lives, and consequently, they establish more connection with the play. I think no media has the power of transferring concepts as much as a play. 

  • Do you like to add any other words about the play “A window to the heaven”?

I think the audience should not guard against the play because of its weird and odd form if they want to enjoy it. The play is going to establish a connection with the audience in a simple way. It is more enjoyable for the audience if they watch it more easily and comfortably. In the end, I hope the play can be recorded as a good memory for the audience and I can handle different roles and prepare attractive moments.


Interviewer: Companion Bahar

Translated by: Companion Marjan



Source : 0
Topic : Interviews
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