Money Donation Week
11/26/2019 12:00:00 AM

Money Donation Week

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If you revivify a person, it is as if you had revivified the whole population of the world. Here, human beings are continuously revivified; many families which were going to destruction, many youths were dying of addiction in the worst possible way, but now they are revivified. Do a thing for the future generations so that they can come and get treated.

The first   session of the 68th   round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on November 11th    2018 at 9 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and companion Zhila as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “Money Donation Week”.

Mr. Dezhakam: I am fine and hope you are keeping well. First I tell you two points: as I spoke about staging spectacle and baffling, we are not allowed to interfere with people’s personal life and affairs, therefore, we cannot judge and criticize them, it is also mentioned in the holy Quran: you are not allowed to judge people and pass negative judgement on them, this is poisonous and we have to remain faithful to each other. We have to avoid spying on each other and I hate this job. These jobs are not beneficial, but detrimental to Congress60. Congress60 can keep itself and we are not allowed to do these works under the name of keeping Congress60. We are not allowed to move on the right path by means of wrongs and disvalues.

I have managed Congress60 for 22 years and I avoided tattling, taletellers  and tattletales and Congress60 has been stronger and firmer and I have a peaceful mind. Only God is faultless, here the members are very nice and decent and they might have some faults (so it does not matter).

It was  mentioned that the maintenance of any organizations, families and even to live a life, three factors must be present: first: knowledge and science; second: expertise and third: money.  Therefore, money is very important for Congress60. The monetary status of Congress60 members is above the average, because they have found the [right] way and tried to be on the decent path, that is why their life status is better and stronger than others’. Since they have stepped in the righteous path, people trust them; when you behave well, people will employ you and provide you with jobs and your financial status will improve.

It is needless to say, to manage a life for a four-member family, the man and wife must strive, how is it for us? Is it easy to run such a great system [Congress60] with thousands of members? How can we afford accommodations, electricity, chairs, building rents, etc.?

Everything starts with a thought, when we afford the requirements, God will help us. We just declared that for buildings and buying lands for Congress60, we needed money and we gave an account number, and members paid money. Then we saw that some members were wealthy, therefore, we created the Monetary Legions who think about Congress60 expenses and how to afford them, they could buy lands in many cities and establish branches there. The properties of Congress60 are consecrated to human beings, they do not belong to me or my family, nor the Didebans (watchers).

You are not allowed to bestow what you yourself need. We want those who are financially potent come and join the Monetary (Sardar) Legions (one can join the Sardar Legion by paying 600 dollars).

The Donors are those who annually donate 5000 dollars to Congress60 and in this way, they can afford about seven to eight percent of Congress60’s expenses. We have 30 individuals in this year who joined the donors [legion]. They were my special guests at the Esteghlal Hotel. I was honoured to have lunch with them. We have prepared a ring to give them as a gift and memory. I hope we will have more donors this year. Those who bestow a land or building which is valued at 5000 dollars are also considered as donors. These are all games, we are playing this game, a game which has pretty well results. For next years, we are in need of places [for those who come and want to get treated], we have carried out these projects because we wanted to stand on our own foot. All Congress60 members eagerly pay money and help Congress60 because as they help, they receive much more [from the universe], they know their money is not wasted. We have to establish our Free Academy (university) and need many powerful people. We need money to do many great things and we will do them. Harvard University has 12 billion dollars savings. Our savings must be the same as this university. I did not still see a person having the guts to  donate a great deal money of money valued at 20000 dollars or more. Without having savings, we cannot take a step forward.

As I mentioned earlier, the treatment [of addiction] in Congress60 is amazing, many lives and families which were to be ruined, were revivified and saved in Congress60. If you revivify a person, it is as if you had revivified the whole population of the world. Here, human beings are continuously revivified; many families which were going to destruction, many youths were dying of addiction  in the worst  possible way, but now they are revivified. Do a thing for the future generations so that they can come and get treated. Addictive drugs ruin human being and families, maybe in near future your descendants will get addicted and they need a place to come and get cured, therefore, bestow a land to Congress60 and a branch of Congress60 will be established and your name will be given to it.

The old who are affluent and extremely wealthy can divide their properties among their children and can donate some of which to the charities, because as you die, they will fight with each other for that legacy. You are not alive forever, those who are rich and prosperous try to help the needy.

I am very grateful to Bill Gates because he has done a very nice job, he has donated all his properties to charities and only gave one million dollars to his daughter and said: “I do not want to ruin my daughter”, and allocated the rest of his wealth to charities. When you pay a small amount of money to Congress60, it will change into a brick for a building and many lives will be set free from addiction in that place.

Another point is that our Afghan brothers who are treated in Congress60 can take the guide-assistant exam and receive the Orange Scarf (the sign of being a guide-assistant  in Congress60), therefore, they are welcome to Congress60; provide them with the services. However, we cannot give them Congress60 ID cards due to legal procedures.

 I hope we can wear new clothes in this week and I start the first donation today by paying 10000 dollars for the Donation Week. Before asking you to do something, I have done it myself first. I will never spare anything to donate to Congress60 and I hope we can have something to remain after us [our beneficial legacy]. If in the past twenty years, many people did not spent their lives  and money, we had not Congress60 right now. They have strived for this place and we have to continue their path. I have always see the distant route from twenty years ago and everything has been predicted for you. Everything which is happening was predicted in the book “Crossing the zone of minus 60 degrees”  and I am sure that we will get very good results.


Thank you for listening to me.

Translated by Elahe

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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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