Science is not just to know the science, it is important to act scientifically.
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Science is not just to know the science, it is important to act scientifically.

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They want to find a way that addicted individual doesn’t use drug more through every possible way like chaining, taking care of the addicted individual or other ways like these.


Science is not just to know the science, it is important to act scientifically.

"The words flow from the mouth and the truth appears and the justice flows; the one who looks and listens, if he is human, can get familiar with our territory and he is able to discover the truth."

Today's world is being involved in drug addiction. Millions of people are addict in most countries. Addiction collapses family life and destroys its victim's personality in different ways, and its domain of influence is so extended and deep that it affects not only the addicted individual but also his family, his friends, and his work and educational surroundings.

The addicted individual may desire to cure his addiction but if he does not recognize correctly unfortunately, every remedy will be ineffective.

Electric shock, beating, tying and imprisoning the addicted individual, sudden withdrawal or cold turkey, confinement therapy, whip therapy, rope therapy, and all other strange ways are the specialists and doctors' suggestions to their patients to save them from drug addiction. It is clear that all humans' pains and afflictions are because of undiscovered sciences.

All the world consider just one thing in curing the drug addiction and it is "not using the drugs" and they only seek for this. They want to find a way that addicted individual doesn’t use drug more through every possible way like chaining, taking care of the addicted individual or other ways like these. The reason for this confusion is that the "hypothesis of narcotic addiction" is not solved; thus very unusual planes are performed by both specialists and addicted individuals. Consequently, knowing the main hypothesis is the most important part of every issue.









In 1999, the article "hypothesis of narcotic addiction" was presented by Mr.Dezhakam in the first medical congress of the ways of curing the addiction and the hypothesis of narcotic addiction which had remained unsolved to that time was explained by him. As Mr.Dezhakam says: "knowing the hypothesis of narcotic addiction was a step and the first advancement stage and it was our first mutation in the treatment of drug addiction. We hope that one day, all people know the hypothesis of narcotic addiction."

This hypothesis clearly defines the beginning point, the destination, and the path of addiction treatment for us and propounds that detoxification is wrong and it is not suitable for addiction treatment. This hypothesis intuits the addicted individual that the physique's systems have been hurt by entering the drugs to the body and now these systems must be rebuilt and revived.

In Congress60, we work based on a triangle for complete addiction treatment which its sides are as physique, psyche, and world view. These sides must be progressed simultaneously for reaching a balanced situation.

In the physique part, the drugs substitute the quasi-opioid substances of the body, so addiction is not a chronic intoxication but it is a chronic substitution.

The destruction of the psyche part is the same reason for the physique part and the psyche is affected by the imbalance of biochemical systems of the body. For example, if the amount of serotonin decreases, depression appears in human. So if we can cure our physique, the psyche will consequently be cured.

But there is an imbalance in the worldview, too. Because the drugs order to the addicted individual and they affect his insight and point of view about his surrounding world. So the world view of addicted individual must be re-corrected too.

In Congress60, we understand how addiction is created and what we have to correct. In addiction issue, the first question is "why does not a person who drink pomegranate or orange juice become imbalance but a person who drinks alcohol becomes imbalanced and gets drunk?" The response is the drugs and alcohol and Psychedelic medicines traverse the blood barrier of the brain, then they enter the brain and interfere with its performances and as a result, the abuser gets imbalanced.

In Congress60, the treatment method and the medicine of treatment is the same for all different kinds of drug addicted individuals. We gradually approach to balance of the physique, the psyche, and the worldview by following DST method, grasping the instructions, attaining the knowledge of treatment addiction in eleven months and in the second journey, we will approximately reach balance by continuing the path. A balanced individual is steady an all aspects like in his deeds, his thoughts and his speech.

Unlike most people's opinions that know the addiction an incurable, progressive and mysterious disease; Congress60 proved that it is curable, controllable and uncomplicated disease. When it is said that drug addiction is mysterious, it means that it is unknown and has secret and code. It was incurable because nobody had said what we can do for addiction treatment.

We believe that one who talks about science and the knowledge is not necessarily a scientist, philosopher or a professor of university. Rather, if the science and the knowledge is true and ends in good results, all the world of science will accept and will bow to it, like the treated individuals in Congress60 who are the result of the true science and knowledge. This is an experienced science and a sound document in addiction treatment

In the end, science is not just to know the science, it is more important to act scientifically. What is the difference between people who know but don’t act, or those who know nothing? “As it was said, every particle is an anecdote, we must learn and act.” (Sardar)


Translated by Banafsheh

Edited by Marjan 


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