A Summary of Master Dezhakam's Words in Physician's Legion
10/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

A Summary of Master Dezhakam's Words in Physician's Legion

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However, the problem is that most of the time we are one step ahead of them and we don’t find out their accuracy because we do never contemplate.

Hi friends, I’m Hossein, a traveler. If humans are not one step ahead of the speeches and texts, they cannot realize their accuracy. However, the problem is that most of the time we are one step ahead of them and we don’t find out their accuracy because we do never contemplate. We need knowledge, information, and experience. We accept an opinion unconditionally. But if by using the knowledge and awareness we contemplate, we will be able to make suggestions on its accuracy.

 This appears in all issues and is one of the problems man encounters although it is normal. One must go through the mill in this work to obtain the necessary knowledge. Thus, when we contemplate doing something, we concentrate on it like a magnifier and try to find it. Contemplating doesn’t occur at a moment or in a day. Talking of myself, I may think of a word for 20 years.

I had been thinking of spirit, elf, self, and so on for 20 years. It is not the case that you think for 5 minutes, surf on the internet, look it up in the book and catch it immediately. If we think of all problems during the time, we will realize it.

Those who are physicians have specialty in their profession and if they contemplated addiction, they could realize that the problem of addiction is rooted in physiology. If an opium-user cuts his opium, he will immediately have orgasm. This corresponds with physiology not thoughts and way of thinking. If he has cut using opium and heroin and hasn’t slept for 6 months, it is because of a physiological problem.

 A physician does have all the knowledge, s/he knows physiology and neurotransmitters better than me, s/he knows hormones, mediators and their relations while s/he hasn’t contemplated well. By contemplating, each of you will conclude that it is wrong to say that addiction is a chronic poisoning.


Some believe this is true because the World Health Organization claims that addiction is a chronic poisoning. They don’t even think of it. The first prerequisite for addiction to be a chronic poisoning is that drugs must be poison. The second step they take is detoxification of the addicts.

Then which of the drugs is a poison? Opium? If we omit opium from the medical world, it will be punctured just like a car tire. Morphine is still not only the best and influential painkiller but also ecstatic. The world’s first and most widely used medicine is still codeine which is derived from opium.

Papaverine has still a great role in many different fields. Tramadol includes narceine which is derived from opium. Which one is a poison? Heroin, that is diacetylmorphine, or THC, derived from hashish which is used as an anti-coughing syrup and asthma? 


 Then why do you say it is a chronic poisoning? As it is said, it is a poison if it is overused. Everything, even bread and water, lorazepam, and diazepam, will be a poison if it is overused. It shows that there is no contemplation. I entered an NGO which their first step implied: “we are not mentally healthy and we believe that a Power greater than us could restore us to sanity! If we want to claim this, we should know what wisdom is. Let’s go to the definition of addiction. At first, we must see what addiction is. Does the word explains the real definition to us? Can the word addiction really apply for this kind of disease? The word “addiction” means a habit (in Persian), something that you get used to doing it at a proper time. Is addiction a habit?

Is using opium a habit? Maybe gambling, or playing with homing pigeon is a habit, but can we consider addiction a habit like them, too? Is surfing on the internet a habit? Is it the same as addiction to heroin or meth? Will people having a habit suffer from diarrhea if they quit their habit?

The first complication of quitting drugs is diarrhea, then sweat and bone pain. Do they suffer from these complications? We need to know the alphabet of addiction (every detail about addiction) before entering the field.

What is methadone? How much is 50 cc? What is opium tincture? How much power does 1 cc of opium have, just like the explosion power of T.N.T? We must know how much is 5 cc, 10 cc? How much heroin equals 1 cc of opium? Where was destroyed by meth? What has it done? They must know all this information in detail.

I strongly believe that if a general physician relies on his/her knowledge, and concentrates on the subject, S/he can find all the answers easily and realize if they are correct or not. Since general physicians are one step ahead of the speeches and texts, they can find the answers by contemplating. If they don’t find the answers, it means they have trusted others’ and WHO’s words.

 There is a rule in Congress 60 saying: “Trust, then control it.” Trust someone whom you have given an amount of money and is your accountant, but you should control him, too.

To trust people is not enough. Doubt is the prerequisite of certainty. Doubt if what is said is true or not; doubt if Dezhakam is a righteous person or not. You should doubt to experience certainty. Thus, the contemplation valley shows to us what thinking is, what we should do, and it is not used just for addicts; it is for all of us and we should use it.


 Translated by: Marjan





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