“Celebration of Border-Guards, Assistants and Agents’ Week”
10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM

“Celebration of Border-Guards, Assistants and Agents’ Week”

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Yesterday, I saw a female traveler who had been an ice-consumer. She had been hospitalized for six months. Lots of money has been spent for these treatments, but she felt very bad. Why must so much money and expenses be spared for these infertile treatments?

The third session of the 67th round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on October  3rd, 2019 at 9 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Ms. Mona as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “Celebration of Border-Guards, Assistants and Agents’ Week”.



Mr. Dezhakam: Hello friends, I am Hossein a traveler. I am fine and hope you are keeping well. We have four ceremonies in Congress60: the Watchers’, the Guides’, the border guards, agents and assistants’ and the Companions’ ceremonies. We have more than 3000 individuals who voluntarily work and serve in Congress60. They are paid nothing for the services they provide and no salary is paid to them. They are working part-time and voluntarily. They all have received educations and the education in Congress60 is in a way that they never interfere with each other’s job and they do not deceive each other. When I want to do something in a branch of Congress60, I contact with the agent or the highest-ranking person or the chief, I do not enter the realm of that branch, I first contact with Mr. Hakimi, the watcher of branches. This holds true in the whole system, all the members are trained in a way that they do not deceive others. They would be struggling with each other around the clock and interfere with each other’s affairs unless they receive the training.


Yesterday I saw a female traveler who had been an ice-consumer, to treat her addiction, she had been in a camp for four months, for each month she had to pay 78 dollars; then she had been hospitalized in a hospital for six months and paid 145 dollars for each night, I calculated that she had paid  13000 dollars for her hospitalization; I did not calculate the expenses of medicines and laboratory tests, for which I think she had paid 18000 dollars. After these six months, she felt very very bad. I asked her with which weapon they kill sparrows? And she answered: “with a bow and arrow”. I said no one preys a sparrow by tank [a military vehicle], she had just consumed some ice and she had some hallucinations, if she did not smoke ice anymore, the symptoms were removed. Why must so much money, costs, and expenses be spent for this person? So that after this type of treatment, her serious problems just started. Then [compare this type of treatment with the one happening in Congress60], isn’t it reasonable to thank our guide when we get liberated from addiction? Shouldn’t you appreciate a person who has tolerated you for a year so that you can be liberated from addiction?  Don’t you want to put five dollars in an envelope and bestow upon your guide?

I do not want to say something so that some people conclude that money talks in Congress60 or Congress60 is a monetary-based place, if I had this viewpoint, I would have obliged people to pay 600 dollars at their entrance.

Is not it necessary to appreciate those who have served us so that we are liberated from addiction? This week is agents’, assistants and border-guards’ week. Shouldn’t we thank them? Shouldn’t we thank the people who open Congress60’s gate in the early morning and serve people continuously, shouldn’t we appreciate the agents and assistants who continually examine and observe everything?  Therefore,in this week, you are allowed to thank these serving people. It may be considered as a condemnation if you give them money in usual circumstances, [while in this week, we can appreciate their attempts by giving money].


Therefore, in this week, we thank them and if you want to prepare syrup and confection, you can ask the Sardar legion’s master, they buy and prepare them. Buy lemon juice and sugar and make syrup. Do not buy disposable plastic glasses, they make males and females infertile. The pulverized fine particles in the disposable glasses are swallowed [and create many diseases], let alone when you pour hot tea or water into them, therefore, we do not use them and we have got rid of these plastic glasses in Congress60.

Thank you for listening to me
Translated by Elahe




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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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