Public Educational Workshop in Meibod, Yazd
10/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

Public Educational Workshop in Meibod, Yazd

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Congress60 assesses individuals based on their values; just like a gardener that attends to the fruit trees of his/ her garden and s/he cleans t from weeds and thistles.

The eighth session of the fifth round of public educational workshops of Congress60 was held by Mr. Ashkezari (the respected Didban of newcomers) as the guest speaker, Mr. Amir Hossein as the master of ceremony and Mr. Tofigh as the secretary in Meybod legion on Tuesday 12/9/2019 at 17:00. The weekly agenda was "Justice; Are all individuals equal in Congress60?"

Summary of Mr. Ashkezari words:

The weekly agendas are point of thinking. It means we ponder and think about that agenda and we add some subjects to it ourselves. An agenda is a question that we must think, know, participate in discussions and speak about it. Every subject starts with thinking. Thinking creates a situation that combines consciousness into unconsciousness. Thinking is an inner movement from indefiniteness to definiteness. In other words, the more I focus on the subject, the more I enter into deeper parts of my unconsciousness and I change the definite to indefinite.

Try to focus on agendas and write an article about every agenda. Writing is very excellent. When you are writing, some subjects will cross your mind and you will write them; when you read them later, you will be surprised where that stuff came from and say to yourself: "I did not know them".  Those subjects have been in your unconsciousness and you can reach them by writing unconsciously. All of our problems and issues are because of our awareness of our inner treasure. We pay attention to everything and we care about everybody except for ourselves.

Think "what is justice?", "is it equality?"," is it possible for all things to be equal?" The ones who chant that justice means equality want to exploit the other people. The best work of nature is that nothing is repetitive. It is impossible that two individuals are completely created as same as each other. We are unique or there is one sample of every human and every individual is in the world for a special aim and reason. We have come to do it and then go but we have forgotten it. If we focus on ourselves, we will understand the subject. None of us is equal with each other in Congress60 and it is so in society. The real value is serving so everybody is as valuable as they can serve to the other individuals. Congress60 assesses individuals based on their values; just like a gardener that attends to the fruit trees of his/ her garden and s/he cleans t from weeds and thistles.

If the gardener wants to consider equality, the weeds will grow all over the garden and s/he won't have any fruits. Everybody who serves better and more is more respectable in Congress60, too and s/he has a superior position. Justice is that everybody himself promotes his position not to be given by us. As Socrates said that justice is not dividing one thing to two equal parts but it is dividing correctly.

Let's know why we emphasize on serving in Congress60 so much. We must know the reason for doing every work to be able to perform it. It is said that the intention of Salaat is more important than Salaat. I also know why I serve in Congress60. The individuals who serve in Congress60 feel blissful more and more and it is because of the energy of love which we have to create it in ourselves. The lover people die but they won't be old and effete. Death happens for everyone but lovers will die without being effete. If you say to people, who are not in Congress60, that Congress60's servants take a long miles for some times in a week, you will hear that these servants are surely mad. But the love is created in Congress60's servants and they feel it, so they don’t abandon Congress60. This is the rope of love and there is no better taste than it. The individuals who were liberated in Congress60 and are serving here, have tasted it and have felt this rope. Try to find your way and start to fertile not just to become a tree. Try to become an adept so liberation comes with it. An individual who takes his medicine enough and on time is not addicted. So take your medicine and come to sessions as a researcher, as a student, as a person who is learning. Focus on instructions and then the situation will change very much. Love must be planted like a seed, gradually do it and this love will change to a sapling and then to a tree and finally, it will fertile. You plant one seed but it will generate 70 seeds and it gradually manifolds until it will generate thousands of seeds, but it is necessary to plant the first seed. To reach to the love you have to serve and you have this opportunity just here, in Congress60.


Translated by: Banafsheh, Academi branch

Edited by: Marjan


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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