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communication of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill, April 12, 2024)

communication of Hossein and Bill (Reply to Bill, April 12, 2024)

April 12, 2024

Dear Bill,

I hope you are well. I am fine.

I am writing these lines as Ramadan is over, as are our 15 days of holidays due to the New Year and Nuruz.

The 15-day spring holidays are a great time for our members to rest, travel, and be with their families. Students (travelers) can only contact their guide in case of an emergency during these 15 days.

The guide examination (travelers and co-travelers) will be held in three months. The portal shows more than 8,000 candidates to date, and I posit the number will rise to 10,000 before the exam date.

Only second travelers can apply for this exam. This is what we did:

When a traveler enters the second travel (completion of tapering off-Ehsan), if their companion has been active in Congress 60 for at least 10 months (meaning the companion has a guide, participated in sessions, and has written 40 CDs related to Mr. Dezhakam's and also Master Amin's lessons), then the companion can officially receive an artificial flower as a token of second travel initiation, and start their second travel along with their traveler.

In other words, a companion is considered a second traveler if they have these conditions:

Their traveler is in second travel.
They have written 40 CDs.
They also have a guide.
They have been in Congress 60 for at least 10 months.

If this is the case, the companion can start the second travel, which means they can participate in voluntary services and apply for the guide examination.

I am happy that you have seen the pictures of the Simoorgh building.

This building is designated for male travelers and is the busiest one regarding administrative stuff.

None of these people (travelers) receive a salary for their services. This building is open on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday and is closed during the rest of the week. I have announced this rule so that volunteers can attend to their personal lives, which is very effective.

I will send more photos of other buildings of Congress 60 in Tehran and other cities.

I was delighted to see your article with Dr. Marc Galanter on April 6th, which was about NDA on my research gate.

About the handbook, there is an update:

Two articles are published in Research Square:

One is a short report about MS, and the other is a case report on HPV: "short report of potential myelinogenesis effects of taper up-off of opium tincture in rodent model. Model of multiple sclerosis"

And the other one:

"Using D.Sap, an apple-based formulation for the treatment of human papillomavirus. A case report."

A few more articles are in the stages of acceptance or publication, but I think we can prepare and publish the handbook now. As you mentioned, we can add the coming articles later to it.

Thank you again for this idea. Your thoughts are always productive.

The results of epilepsy and amphetamine research are at our disposal now. Some tests were completed using the IPSC(Induced pluripotent stem cells) method in Cambridge, some in Bristol, and some in Simoorgh laboratory.

The epilepsy results will be analyzed at the Bristol Research Center, and the rest will be in our laboratory.

The results have been astonishing! We can clearly see that the parts of the nervous and metabolism systems that were damaged due to epilepsy and amphetamine are regulated and reconstructed with the DST treatment and the DOD triangle. 

Referees are assessing the article about comparing the DST method and NA, and we are responding to their questions.

The study on fentanyl and opium is in the queue, and we will initiate them as soon as we are done with other articles.

We don't have a waiting list in Congress 60, and when a branch is full, we only accept newcomers once there are empty seats. I have to think about the waiting list. The good thing about Congress 60 is that some people leave after treatment since no one needs to attend meetings all their life span.

You are always in my thoughts and heart.

Friends and brothers on heaven and earth forever


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