The Astonishing DST Method Discovered by the Base of Congress60
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The Astonishing DST Method Discovered by the Base of Congress60

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When Mr. Dezhakam proposed his discovery [of addition treatment], many asked: "Where is your evidence?" The man modestly and gently lapsed into silence but, in response, thousands of people [who were treated via the DST method] declared: “WE ARE THE LIVING PROOFS!”

The DST Method and the Foundation of Congress60 from the Past till Now; the Final Part

Today, Congress60 has 60,000 members who have been treated via Mr. Dezhakam's innovative method (the DST method) and get liberated from addiction after 10 months. Interestingly, 15 members of them were invited to the National Rugby Team and nowadays, Congress60 has national players. They were once consumers of the most dangerous drugs such as LSD, Cocaine, ice, heroin etc. and they are the perfect proof of Congress60 treatment power.

After years of research, Mr. Hossein Dezhakam, who is the designer and the Base of Congress60, started Addiction Treatment Project with OT [Opium Tincture Syrup] in collaboration with Iran National Center for Addiction Studies and Iran Drug Control Headquarters Office. He believes that sports activities and trainings [worldview instructions] are essential to the treatment of addiction.

The purpose of teaching the worldview is to know the human beings and ultimately to know the universe and reach the absolute power or Allah.

In Mr. Dezhakam's discovery, duration of addiction treatment starts with the highest dose of OT and then gradually, the amount of medicine decreases to the lowest dose and finally, OT consumption reaches almost zero [after 10-11-month period].

According to his words: reducing and taking OT back from a traveler over time directly affects the release of the inner quasi-opioid substances that were out of balance. The consumer's body will reach equilibrium automatically by diminishing and cutting OT so that the outer drugs are replaced by inner quasi-opioid substances and eventually, there will be no craving [temptation] or tendency for consuming drugs and it is a definitive treatment.

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse affiliated with the US Department of Health) announcement on June, 2000, the DST method was declared as the best, least risky and most effective method of addiction treatment and 15 major countries around the world have endorsed it and thousands of drug consumers are treated or now are receiving treatment in Iran via this method. He says that it hurts me many people in my own country still are not familiar with this method and some do not even think about it [do not believe in it] because I am not a doctor but I believe that Congress60 will definitely be universal and the DST method and OT syrup are the best for addiction treatment and I am sure it will be done (it will be globalized ) even if I won't be in this world.

It has been several years since Mr. Dezhakam established Physician's Legion. Introducing treatment method of Congress60 to the medical society is the goal of establishing it and in today's world, it is so difficult to convince individuals whose viewpoints are different from you but he did it and today, apart from Congress60 members, there are many physicians that help to Mr. Dezhakam in this path.

Bill William White, Mr. Dezhakam's friend and colleague, published a message on the occasion of his liberation [from addiction] which is now worth reading:

“There is a man who has discovered the answer to one of the most sophisticated questions in the world. After testing the answer on himself [treating himself], he had a dream [in his mind] and it was to help people around the world [to treat their addiction] through his discovery [the DST method], because this problem had annoyed the wisest men at different times. There were people who did not believe [in this method] and asked: "Where is your evidence?" The man was modestly silent but, in response, thousands of people [who were treated via the DST method] declared: “WE ARE THE LIVING PROOFS!” These voices are the sign of a new evolution in treatment and recovery that are spreading in that man's country [Iran] and even beyond it. This man is Mr.  Hossein Dezhakam, my friend and brother. He is the Founder of Congress60. Today, we stand by him to confirm the power and truth of recovery in addiction treatment [in Congress60].

Dr. Bill William White is the Senior Research Consultant at Chestnut Health System and he has more than 45 years of research experience in addiction and methods of the drug abuse treatment and in his professional and scientific resume, he has also managed the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the U.S.

Congress60 is an institute that is unknown in Iran but many books and articles have been written about Congress60 in the US, and one of the writers is Bill William White.

Congress60 is one of the largest and active addiction treatment associations in Iran and perhaps in the world. It has thousands of members and it does not even receive funding from the government but it has a high social wealth and it is run by the help of individuals who were liberated from addiction [its members] and their families who provide their services for free.

Written by traveler Siavash, the Fourth Legion

Translated by Companion Marzie Bisjerdi, Shadabad branch of Congress60

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