The Amazing Theory of X
11/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Amazing Theory of X

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We observed that a person came and said I had liver problems and I wanted to have liver-transplant, but after my addiction treatment with the DST [Dezhakam Step Time] method, it got well. Many other people with different diseases including leukemia and colitis came and said the same.

The third   session of the 67th  round of the Academy Branch Workshops was held on October   9th    2019 at 9 a.m. This meeting was held by Mr. Dezhakam as the master of ceremony and Ms. Mona as the secretary. The weekly agenda was: “The X system”.

Hello friends, I am Hossein, a traveler. From the beginning of the new solar year, 2718 individuals have entered their second travel and I hope by the end of the year, we will reach 5000 individuals. In the past five years I have devoted 1000 dollars for the Music Band of Congress60 because sound is very valuable. Music bands have been formed in different cities, in Mashhad they have created the violin band and music has been very important to me and I have always paid money for it and you have to learn it and pay for music. We have two types of music: bad music which will distract human from his way and we see lots of bad music in the west. We are always learning and learning is not a time-bound process, it is not late to learn something at any time. I myself have been under training for 35 years and now I am learning just the same as you. I know no one who is not in need of instructions and simultaneously I do not know anyone who knows how to live; therefore, all of us need to know and receive instructions and we have to be reset and learn how to live. That is why you have to transcribe all the educational CDs I provide and you have to understand my points and clues.

All the individuals also must know swimming, you have to go to the pools and learn swimming. Water keeps you fresh and healthy. Water keeps your body and your soul clean. Then you have to study, go to university, learn music and continue your movement. That is “don’t stop”.

Today, I will appreciate agents, assistants and border-guards and give them their gifts, because I could not thank them in the previous week. All of these celebrations will help us to strengthen the bases of Congress60. Guides, border-guards, assistant and agents are the columns of Congress60 and their celebrations will strengthen them. We are always supporting the bases of Congress60.

One of the issues in Congress60 was the theory of X. The realm of study in Congress60 is very vast. In Germany, the US and England, the statistic sample only includes 20 individuals but this sample is very very large in Congress60 and no country has this realm of study. We have between 10000 and 14000 individuals in the research process of OT project. They are all fully subscribed and registered. Therefore, everything we say is documented. We have 60 branches and we have liberated 2800 people from addition in this solar year and I hope we can reach 5000 by the end of this year. If this happens, we have carried out a very big job. All the individuals in Congress60 go through a very specific route  and all get treated [from addiction]  and all of them can be traced [follow-up examinations are possible].  

When a traveler finishes his travel of getting liberated from addiction, they come to me from around the country [Iran] and I sign their liberation document. They meet each other here and also become familiar with each other and have good relationships. Therefore, I could meet them  and observe the process of their liberation. Then we observed that  a person came and said I had liver problems and I wanted to have liver-transplant, but after my addiction treatment with the DST [Dezhakam Step Time] method, it got well. Many other people with different diseases including leukemia and colitis came and said that during the treatment of their addiction through the DST method, their diseases have been removed. We observed that these statistics were significant, I analysed them and figured out that as addiction is treated by the DST method, other incurable diseases have been cured either. A very vital and overarching matter was revealed to us. In future, you will see what the theory of X has said [achieved] and in my own viewpoint the importance of the X theory is very higher than the Einstein's general theory of relativity. Because this theory tells us the roots and origins of all diseases. No one in the world knows the reason why a person becomes sick, why a person gets MS, colitis and bipolar disease, they neither know the reason, nor how to treat them. But in the theory of X, it was revealed to us that these disease are caused because of the interruptions, changes, deficiencies and abundance of hormones, mediators and neurotransmitters. This theory identifies the factors causing the diseases, it reveals the treatment and its medicine. Now we do not accept to treat the disease with the DST method, and patients have to go to medical clinics and the researchers there have to work on this method and come up with the results. The theory of X revealed the factors causing the diseases and now we can cure many diseases but this has to be carried out in the medical system. The neurotransmitters like enkephalins, endorphins, dynorphins, etc.  have gone off balance. Some members of Congress60 were infertile for 30 years  and after their treatment, they became fertile and now their children have grown up. All of these achievements are because of the theory of X. We have more than 10000 individuals in the treatment project  and all of them are treated by a very accurate and disciplined method. The noble prize in medicine had been awarded to some researchers who had identified the process through which cells in the body consume oxygen and how this happens on top of mountains and at the base (foot) of mountains. Now compare it with the achievements of the DST method and the theory of X. This theory teaches us how to take the addictive drugs and psychedelics from the addicts. The medical system prescribes abundant amount of these drugs for the patients and it is unable to take them back. The psychiatrists only replace one drug with another. I hope in the near future more studies will be devoted to this method and we can do better things.

The DST method was drawn from the samples we had faced in the treatment of the X system. Kamandar (Mr. Dezhakam’s elder daughter) has carried out her study on two genes. When I talked to Dr. Ardakani, I told him that we can change the genes, but he did not believe. We froze two genes of newcomers at their entrance in Congress60 and after five months we got new genes from them and compared the beginning and their current genes with each other. We realized that their current genes were close to the natural genes of normal people. This result belong to five months when their treatment has not been finished yet. I am sure that after 11 months and in the end of their treatment, the result of their genes will be amazing and the amount of neurotransmitters will be higher than normal people. This was selected as the best article in the international Congress of addiction. I hope we can carry out lots of these studies  and hope the theory of X will help all the people around the world.

Thank you

Translated by Elahe  


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Topic : Weekly Workshop Topic
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