The Liberation Feeling
9/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Liberation Feeling

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I think this holy place is a divine miracle itself, which happened in my life.

The Liberation Feeling

I thought this time no results would be gained again and my traveler would make some excuses as usual.

But, thank God, my traveler entered this holy place (as a member of this holy place) and he started and ended his journey with all the hardships and pain he had.

It is said that two things would never see each other, tears and smiles. But when these two appear together, it is one of the best moments of human life and the liberation feeling exactly makes this sense of relief for human. Smiling for a traveler’s liberation from this hard disease, which we all have witnessed, and crying for all the difficulties we have weathered so that we can't believe this peace and we think it is all a dream.  When I think about one year ago and those hard days when I had just entered Congress 60, I think this holy place is a divine miracle itself, which happened in my life.

It was me who asked for help from every body and everywhere to save my traveler a few years ago

I thought it would be a futile attempt and my traveler would make an excuse again. But thank God thousand times that my traveler became a member of this holy place, started and ended his journey efficiently with all the difficulties and pains he had. He was always obedient and obeyed the commands in Congress60 until we reached the sweet moment of liberation.

Now when I think about the past, I see how weak and disbelieving person I was and I didn’t believe in God and always asked others untie the knots of my life and solve my problems and they always made me disappointed. It is not possible for me to explain the liberation feeling but I hope all those who are struggling with this disease could feel it.  It is said that a companion is a wing for flying. We can see this on the liberation day since we can fly with the wing which has been sick someday but now it is healthy and we can share this joy and happiness with others and tell them they should take their steps firmly, solidly, doubtlessly and faithfully.

Lastly, I would like to thank my great, patient and faithful guide assistant, Ms.Noushin and my traveler's diligent and hardworking guide assistant, Mr.Naimi and all those who helped me and my traveler on this journey. Because this loved ones were our guides and lights and they enlightened the way for us. May we be able to witness sweet moments in the life of them.


Translated by: Companion Samaneh

Edited by: Marjan



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