Mr. Dezhakam Affirms: Addiction Is Completely and Definitely Curable, IRNA News Agency Reports
9/10/2019 12:00:00 AM

Mr. Dezhakam Affirms: Addiction Is Completely and Definitely Curable, IRNA News Agency Reports

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Dr, Moghari: Congress60 members who were treated by the DST method and OT (Opium Tincture) acknowledged their former illnesses have been treated beside the process of addiction treatment. At the outset, it was thought that this was chance-driven, but the number of them increased.

Mr.Dezhakam in an interview with IRNA: Addiction is completely curable.

The Director-general of Congress60 (Mr.Dezhakam) emphasized with dividing addiction in two parts, the treatment part with a gradual method (DST method) and the rehabilitation part: We believe that the disease of addiction is completely curable.

Saturday, Hossein Dezhakam talked about how Congress60 attended the 13th conference of addiction knowledge which was held at Razi International Conference Center in Tehran (Razi University of Medical science); he added “In Congress60 we believe that the physical part of addiction is upper than mental illness part because in the disease of addiction, the physical part [body] and neurotransmitters are faced with problems”.

He continued: There is no craving [temptation] for consuming drugs in Congress60, even if a cured person sleeps in a warehouse of heroin or other drugs, he will have no craving for consuming of them because he is treated. However, a person who undergone withdrawal will face temptation in such situation and he won’t be able to sleep because of his abnormal neurotransmitter system which cannot release Acetylcholine, Adrenaline and Serotonin hormones.

The director-general of Congress60 revival group continued that: A medicine that the body needs is similar to the material which you need to construct a building. Which material would you use? For the treatment of an illness, we need the right medicine firstly. Secondly, it should be used in an appropriate amount and at the right time.

He asserted that: The reason behind consideration of opium tincture syrup (OT) in Congress60 as a medicine is that it includes 25 types of alkaloids and it is fully compatible with the nervous system of the body hence it can reconstruct and repair it. The next important point is the right time of using OT. All plans in Congress60 are based on TDS ( using the medicine three times a day), because the medicine longevity is 7-8 hours, therefore, the patient consumes the medicine three times a day with eight-hour step between meals. If he uses the medicine only once a day, he will be fine for 7-8 hours but after that, he will feel a need for the medication.

Mr. Dezhakam reminded that: Tapering steps in DST method are 21 days. In my opinion, if someone is hungry and we want to satisfy this hungry person by gathering all psychologists and elders of religions to speak for him until he is satiated, this won’t be possible.

 The director-general of Congress60 revival group mentioned that when a consumer of opium halts consumption of opium, he faces premature ejaculation and this is because of disruption in the performance of body biochemistry system. He added: DST method is the essential part which is like the main course of food and the worldview, sport, family groups and so on are the secondary parts of treatment that are like appetizers and desserts.

Mr.Dezhakam asserted: There is a wide range of people who have not visited Congress60 but they consume an appropriate amount of drugs. Addiction means that a person suffers from some deficiencies in his body and these issues should be resolved. These issues are not jokes, they are real problems. People who suddenly go through withdrawal will have less mental balance. They always struggle not to consume drugs until night.

He also mentioned that: There are many educated people in Congress60 and beside this, we have some members who have been the rugby champion of the Iran Rugby competition recently, this is not a joke. Scientific centers can join us to investigate our method to see that we have approached the right way. These rugby champions were once all Ice addicts. We have 15 members in Congress60 who are members of Iran international rugby team. This is not a theoretical method, we have proved it practically, action speaks louder than words. Mr. Dezhakam pointed out that the book of 14- Articles has been written in common cooperation with Dr. William L. White about addiction disease which is a significant book in the realm of addiction, he also added that this book was unveiled on August 2018 and the first publication of it published six times in one year.

He asserted that: I want that the experts consider this book. We devoted the budget (coming from selling this book) for research and we awarded the best articles in this conference. The director-general of Congress60 in another part of his remarks pointed to the presence of professors and experts in the field of addiction in this conference (congress) and emphasized that: Recovery forms one part of our duty in addiction treatment and Congress60 not only has a strong recovery part and affirmed that addiction is completely curable.

Dr. Mohsen Moghari general surgery specialist, super-specialist in colorectal surgery and proctologist also told about his clinical experiences of disease treatment with the x-theory approach: Some people who were treated with DST method and OT medicine (opium tincture) in Congress60 acknowledged that their former illnesses have been treated beside the process of addiction treatment.

He added that: At the outset, it was thought that this was a stochastic and random result but the number of these people increased in sequence. He emphasized that: The x-system or neurotransmitters are overbalanced because of drug abuse which leads to mental disorder and change in the worldview of people too which means that psychosomatic or psychological diseases are the direct result of the disruption in x-system performance of them. We have to notice that there are a large number of psychosomatic diseases now.

He further added: Some kind of diseases have been treated in Congress60 and fortunately we have achieved good results in the last three years. For instance, we had two patients who suffered from Crohn’s disease and their illness was treated in Congress60 so they returned to their normal life. He also asserted that the matter of restoration is an important part in the x-theory and he said that: There are a lot of patients whose body has the ability of restoration and such patients have no problem in the process of treatment, but some people’s body biochemistry system has been degraded which doesn’t have the ability to rebuild and repair itself, hence we performed the reverse operation for such patients. In fact, with the DST method, their body system will be balanced.

According to Dr. Moghari, we have to say that the majority of people with chronic psychological and neurological diseases whose X-system has been damaged can gain health with Congress60’s treatment method. In the 13th congress of Addiction Recognition which was held on August 2019, people and researchers who presented their research in posters and articles, have been awarded from Congress60 revival group and the conference secretariat.

The awards of Congress60 were given to Dr. Salehi, Dr. Hajrasouli, Dr. Massah and Ms. Anni Dezhakam.

The Congress60’s awards also were donated to the top participants in the realm of rehabilitation including Mrs. Sharifi, Mrs. Khaleghi, and Mr. Mardani. Finally, the event supporters and companies who supported the conference were appreciated.

Islamic Republic Of Iran News Agency (IRNA)

Translated by Ehsan Abolhasani


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