An Interview with Mr. Amin Dezhakam, the Worldview Dideban (Watcher)
8/5/2019 12:00:00 AM

An Interview with Mr. Amin Dezhakam, the Worldview Dideban (Watcher)

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-Didebans are the Columns of Congress60.A column tolerates the weight of a building and Didebans must tolerate all the pressure [of Congress60] on them and must be more active than other Congress60 members.

An Interview with Mr. Amin Dezhakam, the Worldview Dideban (Watcher).

Ms. Monire: When you were young, you were suffering from many frustrations  and depression, your past state is similar to many young and teenagers. Their families are complaining about them. What solution do you propose for this problem?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam:  the first thing is that they have to concentrate on themselves (not their children). They must feel well first before assisting others. When you focus on your own attributes and characteristics, the sign will appear. When you feel better and you learn the matters, then your words will be effectual. In that time, they can decide whether they increase their love towards their children or be more strict towards them, teach them or take them to  Congress60, eventually they understand what to do. They cannot make a decision unless they gradually make changes in themselves.

Interviewer, Companion Monire: Which educational CDs do you propose for this problem?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: Family, Supporters, Theatrical Elements, Inner Structures

Ms. Monire: What happened in your life that changed your state to your current position?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: First was God’s favour and the second my family’s.  Since Mr. Dezhakam discovered the way of curing addiction, many changes appeared in him and this prepared the bed for my progress. Thirdly, I was seeking to feel better and better. I desired to decrease the pressure on me and I wanted to solve my problems. This was very important to me, because this pressure and what I was struggling with were annoying me and I wanted to get out of this pressure, I was seeking for a solution.

I was seeking for a way to better myself (improve my own status). In addition to two factors mentioned above, gradually within time, some ways opened in front of me and it was revealed that for instance my anger comes from my pride or what happens if a person has conceit  (too much pride and self-appreciation), what happens if a person  wants to move individually and alone, or what wisdom is or how evolution happens in the integration of others. After the  knots of my life were gradually resolved, I reached this status with transferring this knowledge to other members.

Ms. Monire: I have to congratulate you and other most-respected Didebans of Congress60 on the Dideban's (watcher's) week. Please tell us about the statement made by Mr. Dezhakam: Didebans are the Columns of Congress60.

Mr. Amin: I congratulate all the Didebans and the first Dideban of Congress60, who was Mr. Dezhakam. We have good colleagues in Didebani section, they are all hard-working. The statement by Mr. Dezhakam has different meanings, a column tolerates the weight of a building and Didebans must tolerate all the pressure [of Congress60] on them and must be more active than other Congress60 members. A very good quality of Congress60 which must be maintained is that as a person's position progresses, they feel better [the more he tries to serve other, the better they feel]. Mr. Dezhakam is the person who works most in Congress60 and Didebans are in the second rank. Didebans also work a lot. A  column in a building tolerates the weight of a building; therefore, they have to work continually and search for solutions for the problems so that balance can be maintained.


Ms. Monire: Mr. Amin, in many educational CDs, you have repeatedly mentioned that there must be something in me so that I can see that trait in others, some traits like hatred, jealousy or telling lies. Can we see this phenomenon in other ways? For instance, a person has heard lots of lies, that is why they are capable of identifying lies.

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: If a person is jealous of others, they have jealousy in them. If you feel bad if someone is jealous of others and you get out of balance, it means that you have the same bad trait [jealousy] in you and if you treat this bad trait and get out of that characteristic, hereafter you can identify this bad trait in others without feeling bad. If you do not treat this trait, you feel upset. If you have not this trait in you, you won't feel it at all, therefore, you will not show any reaction.

Sometimes you feel sad when you see someone who had treated his addiction consuming drugs, because you see all your attempts are useless, you feel sad. You get sad because you understand that he is destroying everything, this is natural, but if you get upset or mad, it means that we have a knot in ourselves and we have to solve it.


Ms. Monire: What is your suggestion for those volunteers who will be accepted in Guidance-Exam of Congress60 so that they have a strong legion?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: There are several points in this. First of all, they have to feel they continually and always need to learn and if they do not know a matter, they have to ask from the guides and masters (in Congress60). Therefore, they need to know and if they are doubtful about anything and they need consultation, stop giving suggestions [to their pupils], because your solution may result in bad consequences. If someone asks you a question, and you do not know the answer, stop speaking about that. We are not required to know everything, we can go, think about that, ask others and do a research and then we come and answer the question. We can ask ex-guides or border-guards, we can ask the agents or the Dideban (Watcher) of Guides. If there is a worldview question, you can ask me.

Another important issue is that everything must be meticulously disciplined. Discipline and order must be maintained to a balanced degree. Punishment must be done in right time and encouragement must be carried out in an appropriate time. A legion can suffer if there is no punishment or extra punishment

Ms. Monire: You are the successor of the Base of Congress60 (Mr. Dezhakam), what are your duties and what is your feeling?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: Mr. Dezhakam made the decision and Didebans agreed but it is not fully known yet. All in all, it must have a positive effect and I hope it will be effective in education and the system balance. It is not a fully known act yet but is a great responsibility and I hope it can have a constructive effect.

Ms. Monire: We are in International Week against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Please tell us what we can do in this limited time to have long term effects.

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: There is a Persian proverb saying that the best perfume is the one which smells best, not the one a perfume-seller says. When we are present here, we can transfer what we know, therefore, our presence  and discipline is our most important message. When people see Congress60 members sitting in a very disciplined way, they can recognize this order and it is identifiable by all [people].

Ms. Monire: This is the first time of your presence in the branch of Ghandian, Tabriz. How did you evaluate its status?

Mr. Amin Dezhakam: I felt very glad to see the members  and their love and affection. I got really surprised. Their sensation was conveyed to me, I was amazed when they gave me flowers  and their presence surprised me.

Ms. Monire: It was a great gratification for us to have you here among us. Thank you for the time you allocated to us.


Photographer: Companion Zahra


Translated by Elahe

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