If Sciences Are Discovered...
7/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

If Sciences Are Discovered...

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When the way is revealed to me as a human and as I see the true and living documents [cured addicts] of this amazing finding of the DST method, I am responsible to send the message of liberation to people who are suffering [from addiction], those who believe that addiction has no treatment.

Human being past attributes don’t remain the same because they are constantly changing. The Human being is the only creature who has the huge potential of alteration (changing) in a wide scope. A deficient creature is created and their journey (coming into the world) is a beginning into their evolution. Therefore, this earthly creature has the potential for growth and development in a wide range of perspectives, but some prerequisites are required to approach such development. One of those requirements is precisely considering the human being changing Nature, and the other one is having the privilege of being trained with high-quality content. Then, we will figure out how many capabilities and capacities have been embedded in a person who was once branded useless.

Human pain and suffering is a mysterious knowledge which has not been discovered yet. The content of this message specifies that the knowledge, science, and the existence of researchers who discover the science and new findings can lead to the reduction of such suffering and problems.

From the elementary centuries when human being appeared to this world and life took shape on the earth, the human’s life has changed a lot and such changes are constantly continuing at different levels. However, something which is completely glaring in this path is the development of science in various branches including technology, medical and engineering, etc. These sciences are moving up in each era with new methods and new viewpoints. When a society or a system is strong enough, they will achieve [lots of things].

In the field of construction usually, a strong and powerful structure is the one  which is constructed based on engineering principles and updated global standards. The residents of such buildings have the privilege of calmness, so the human being is keen on the growth and progress of science, also the medical field is like that. What makes people upset is that we are completely dependent on maintenance drugs [like Methadone maintenance treatment] in the treatment of diseases. We get upset if they say cancer, depression and a wide range of psychosomatic diseases are incurable.

We should honour Congress’s powerful movement and whatever shaped in Congress60, because there was no hope and no way to rescue the people who were drowning (in addiction) and everything was quite vague, but this ambiguity has been solved with a practical and scientific method of DST (in Congress60) and the addiction treatment took place by the assistance of DST method.

A wide range of diseases along with addiction treatment was cured. What we need is exactly the discovery of such sciences, finding the keys which can ease the people’s pain, remove the obstacles ahead, return calmness to the families. No home or family should be devastated and no mothers or wives should have concerns about their families who are addicts. The human being should not be accused or imprisoned because of his past [attributes] and this is something that we humans need it more than any other time.

However, when the way is revealed to me as a human and I can see the true documents of this amazing finding of the DST method, I am responsible to send the message of liberation to people who are suffering [from addiction], those who insist on their ignorance about addiction and believe that addiction has no treatment.  (i.e. these individuals are completely entangled with unscientific factors in treatment process)

Written by companion Batol

Translated by traveler Ehsan Abolhasani


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Topic : Articles
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