Marijuana Threats
1/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

Marijuana Threats

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The biggest marijuana jeopardy can just be the loss of hope and courage from the frustration that person can't seem to quit.
Millions of people use marijuana or hashish routinely. We believe that addiction is a disease and like any disease, it alters the mind, body, and worldview of the sufferer. Various hash smokers did not fully recognize its dangers as they started to smoke the drug early in life. A huge number of users find themselves using marijuana more than they would like, and find it interfering with school, work, and their relationships. This absurd cycle can feed off of itself in a destructive way resulting in more use of the drug and further miserable consequences.

Countless studies of marijuana risks associate frequent use of cannabis with lower test results and learning abilities at school or university. On the job, employees who use hashish often miss more work and are more likely to lose their job.

On emotional level cannabis addiction regularly results in isolation, depression, melancholy, and severe anxiety. Uncomfortable moods and distress also lead to more use of the drug that can make for more difficulties. Studies have proven that over time, those who become physically/emotionally dependent on marijuana can find that they are falling behind on basic essential life skills that are being acquired by peers in the same age range. This can result in self-worth problems as self-respect capabilities deteriorate and self-confidence diminishes.

Physical dependency on the drug gets fortified over time. Person tries to quit using over and over but is overwhelmed by nervousness, irritability, sleeping problems, and other withdrawal symptoms. Biologically speaking, hazards include the body's alteration to a continuous presence of marijuana in its system. Brain’s functioning alters and adapts to the pain reducing reaction to marijuana and its other pain-relieving special effects. Artificial production of marijuana (hydroponic) leads to high THC dose (around 70%) and this causes major physical dependencies such as digestion problems, eating disorder, and insomnia. On the one hand, those who have only tried hashish or marijuana once or twice could be surprised that anybody could function on the drug at all. On the other, those who use the drug for a long period of time have become accustom to its effects, and can regularly conceal the fact that they are high at all.

Such tolerance to the drug is nevertheless another one of the marijuana threats. Compulsive users who must smoke much more of the drug to experience the same effect that just a little used to provide. This result in more intake of smoke, consequently, more harm to the lungs and respiratory system.

Above all, the biggest marijuana jeopardy can just be the loss of hope and courage from the frustration that person can't seem to quit. Fortunately congress 60 method of cure has proven that there is hope and help.
Congress 60 Centers offers an effective answer to all of the marijuana risks and dangers. DST method of cure has shown that recovery from marijuana dependency is possible with therapeutic and medical assistance. The guides and counselors of Congress 60 have helped many clients recover from their dependency on marijuana, alcohol, and other harmful drugs such as heroin, opium, etc. Congress 60 offers a safe haven to get through the tough times and explore what is really important, and guides of Congress 60 specialize in helping those who are suffering from the physical, mental and emotional effects of marijuana addiction.

Written by: Traveler Keyhan

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